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I make videos for Anvil Airsoft TV over on YouTube and write articles for Airsoft Action Magazine. Prior to that I spent 16 years at Games Workshop as a product designer. I've been playing Airsoft for nearly 20 years and have a broad range of experience. I'll be uploading some of my older articles and... Continue Reading →

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Airsoft 101: Batteries

By Tom ‘Anvil’ Hibberd The most common type of Airsoft RIF is the AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) however these can be powered by a bewildering array of batteries!  What is a battery? Batteries convert stored chemical energy directly to electrical energy. A battery or battery pack is a collection of individual cells or cell assemblies,... Continue Reading →


One of the most common questions asked on Airsoft groups is ‘should I fit a MOSFET’? However this can be more complicated matter than it first appears. These devices are also known by a variety of names such as micro-processor MOSFET, ECU and FCU. In this edition of Airsoft 101 We have a look at... Continue Reading →

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